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Too occupied to think about meeting face to face? Sign up for a FREE zoom, skype, or facetime virtual meeting. You get the same level of service as you would in person meeting, so it is the perfect setup for us during this pandemic. 

Why choose us?

Years of Experience

GJG Business Consulting has 10+ years of business experience and 5+ years of E-commerce experience. This combination allows us to solve any problem you have.

Multiple Sucessful Ventures

Achieving over $100,000 in on line sales as a certified Shopify Partner, we've built a verified blueprint at GJG to deliver repeated value in your ventures...

Our Aspirations

At GJG Business Consulting, your success is our utmost priority. We start by focusing on building your business and brand from the ground up. We guide you through the very first steps of turning your ideas into a reality and work your business up to high quality standards of success and security. From there we hone in on increasing your online presence by focusing on the website’s footprint and increasing your online sales. Our combined expertise caters to wherever you might be on your business journey, from helping build the foundation of your business to even helping you heighten your already existing business.

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