What To Expect From Us

At GJG Business Consulting, your success is our utmost priority. We start by focusing on building your business and brand from the ground up. We guide you through the very first steps of turning your ideas into a reality and work your business up to high quality standards of success and security. From there we hone in on increasing your online presence by focusing on the website’s footprint and increasing your online sales. Our combined expertise caters to wherever you might be on your business journey, from helping build the foundation of your business to even helping you heighten your already existing business.

We hone in on creating a distinct web address and teach you, the client, everything about the in and outs of Google Business. Guiding you through the process step by step, we work to ensure your business reaps the rewards of increased business exposure and amplifying current business owner’s content to stand out beyond competitors.  

Brand awareness becomes the pinnacle of increasing sales and business visibility. We start the client off by discussing a business name, a personalized logo, and in-person and online communications.

Practicality is our specialty; we work with you, the client, by discussing the fundamentals of building your business website. Efficiency then becomes the building block of new and current business owners' websites', making it easier than ever for you to understand how to run your storefront and sell your product on multiple platforms for the long term.


Over the last few years I have received great guidance and professionalism from Michael. He has helped point me in a positive direction and continues to offer great advice.

Elizabeth P.

GJG Has been amazing you would think starting a business is hard but not with this company in your corner..he has helped me build my brand up gave me lots of advice and helped me with the confidence it takes to start your own business highly recommended you won’t be disappointed

Austin S.
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