Brand Building

Our business professionals work to create a name that is unique to your business and sets your identity apart from competitors in your industry. 

We aim to help create a distinct logo that makes an impression in your given industry, prioritizing a design that showcases your business’ philosophy and a lasting impression.

Online Presence Building

At GJG Business Consulting, we take the ease out of the complexities of domain purchasing. We work with you, the client, to emphasize finding the name you want and fitting it to your business.
We aim to give your Facebook business page a sleek and professional look, keeping it personal to your vision all while maintaining its initial start, and any questions you may have in managing postings and advertising.
We provide the first steps that help get your business on the map, paving the way and supplying the tools necessary to ensure your business’ relevancy and visibility.
We provide the personal touch needed to make your business stand out in superior design for all social media platforms.

Creating a Website and Online Store

We aim to craft the most visually appealing website for your business by designing the ideal custom color scheme that makes your business stand out.

Creating an online store becomes our priority in your business’ success- At GJG Business Consulting, we create a simple interface that keeps exceptional and accurate product information, inventory, and sales.

Versatility becomes an essential part of your business- We develop your web base to be able to make sales from your phone, your storefront, and online.

A support system is implemented into your business’ website, providing you with 24/7 accessibility anytime you need.

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