What is GJG?

GJG stands for Gloria Jean Goode. Born June 2,1945 in Petersburg, Virginia she was was raised in a house of total prosperity and perseverance. Raised by excellence, her mother was a nurse and her father, a French Medal of Honor recipient, it comes as no surprise that Mrs. Goode made service to others the driving purpose of her life.

~ Renowned Freedom Fighter

~ B.A. in Music Huston Tillotson University

~ M.A. in psychology counseling from Delta State

~ One of the founding member of the Jack and Jill Woodlands chapter

Through her life, Mrs. Gloria Jean Goode can be described as the embodiment of selfless service, industrious, and a pioneer to her family’s legacy of continued excellence. She led by example, continuing to push her family to become independent, to thrive in developing businesses that not only continued her legacy of excellence, but helped to let others continue to do the same. 

Our Promise

At GJG Business Consulting, we aim to honor Mrs. Gloria Jean Goode by enveloping our core principles on the fundamentals that brought her life an abundance of selfless service, and the dedication she had not only to her family, but to those in need. GJG Business Consulting’s founder, Mrs. Goode’s grandson, Michael High and his staff place extreme value in dedication and commitment to their family- the clientele. We place meticulous care, attention to detail, and interpersonal connection a step further by embodying the legacy Mrs. Gloria Jean Goode has paved for her family and extended it to you. 

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