How To increase Your Site's Conversion Rate

Desktop & Mobile Optimization

There are a lot of factors that go into creating an effective e-commerce store, but the most important is understanding how to integrate your desktop and mobile optimization. More than half (55%) percent of online shoppers will abandon their shopping carts if they can't easily check out on their phone or tablet. That means it's absolutely critical for you to have a responsive website that will automatically adjust to whatever device your customer is using.


Call to Action Buttons

The next step to increasing your conversion rate is understanding how people browse. For example, when a customer lands on your site they are likely not ready to purchase right away and may be unsure which items would be best for them. The "Shop All" button can help you direct visitors towards the types of products that work best with their needs so they don't leave empty-handed. Another type of call to action button that can be effective for increasing your conversions is the "Add To Cart" option, which allows customers to add a product from the left panel straight into their cart with one click.

Site Speed

Site speed is an often overlooked factor in e-commerce stores. If you have a slow site, it can take several seconds for your pages to load which puts potential customers at risk of abandoning their carts mid-checkout. In fact, over 40% percent of consumers expect websites to load within two seconds or less and will abandon sites that don't meet that criteria. So if you want to increase your conversions, be sure to check and see how long it takes for each of your pages to load so you can identify any issues or bottlenecks.

Quality Photos

Quality photography is another important factor when it comes to increasing your conversions. More than 70% of shoppers say they are more likely to purchase if a product image includes realistic images, as opposed to stock photos or renderings (Shopify). So make sure you include high-quality and relevant photos that accurately showcase the way things look in person so customers feel confident about their purchase.

Product Descriptions

Another tactic for increasing your conversions is including detailed product descriptions with every item you sell. The more information and relevant details that you can include the better chance customers will have of making a purchase since they're able to get all their questions answered in one place. For example, by adding specific measurements along with fabric or material info it's easy for shoppers to understand how something will fit and feel.

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