10 things you should check before your Shopify site goes live!

1. Check the spelling of your product names 


There are a few things to make sure are perfect before you go live. One of them is the spelling of your product names. It's important the names are correct, especially if your products have a unique name. Not all of you will have this problem, but it's just something to remember before launching your site.


2. Check your product images for quality and consistency 

 Not only should you check that the spelling on the image is perfect, but that the look is consistent across all images for a specific product. It's important to have consistency from the beginning!




3. Change the shipping weight to a standard you use


Another thing to check is your shipping weight. While every site will have their own set of standards, it's best to find one that works well for your business (or ask an expert).



4. Make sure the site is Desktop & Mobile Optimized


It's important to make sure that the images and text are easy to read from your desktop, but also look great on mobile devices as well. Remember, users can view your products in a variety of ways! Try testing out your site across multiple devices before you launch.


5. All of your products should have a review option under the description 


Before you're ready to launch, make sure that all products are searchable and review-able by potential clients. If there is no way for others to leave reviews, how will they know about their experiences? It's best to allow internal reviews prior to external reviews.


6. Ensure that there is enough inventory available for all products listed on the site and ensure they're not out-of-stock or unavailable for purchase


It's essential that any site with a way to buy items has the ability to have clients actually order them. If your client sees something they love, but is out of stock, it's best to have that cleared up before visitors can purchase the item. Not only does this ensure you're able to take a sale, but also ensures there are no delays with orders.


7. Input the product's weight to optimize shipping 


Shipping is a huge thing when it comes to selling online, and it's important to think about how you're going to optimize it. One of the best ways is by inputting the weight of each product on your site, which can help give you more accurate shipping rates for each item.


8.Activate Client Login 


It's essential that a client be able to access their profile from your site. This gives them the ability to edit their own personal information and even change passwords, if needed.


9.Create a Blog section 


It's essential that you create a blog section on your site—it doesn't have to be big or fancy! In fact, many blogs are simple ways to get additional traffic from customers or potential clients. Not only does a blog provide additional content, but also makes your site more interesting. Blogs are easy to update, so it's important that you have this set up before going live.



10. Add a Instagram feed to keep your site fresh 


One of the best things you can do is add an Instagram feed to your site. This is a great way to get additional content, but also makes your site more interesting. It's easy to update as well!


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